Mommy’s Sketch

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The pencil sketch is a very special gift. How about if you can save it from daily wear and tear. A scanned sketch of you and our loved one that you can give your loved ones. These beautiful hand-drawn realistic sketches can make anyone happy!

  • Inclusions
  • Description
  • The size of the sketch is A4
  • Black and white pencil sketch
  • Digital copy will be E-mailed
  • Framed Sketch shall be delivered by 30th April

When you decide that gifting photographs have become really common and boring, you can get something very unique here. A very boring time to alive indeed. But in these times of lockdown, this is A very realistic hand-drawn black and white or colored pencil sketch on an A4 size virtual sheet, which is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Even if you want to add a frame to it just let us know and we will do it for you. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful gift. Images are for representational purposes only, there may or may not be slight variations in the actual experience.

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